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Jet Diffuser

Model : KJD

The Jet Diffusers have been designed to provide an attractive option for air conditioning large areas. KBG diffusers are perfect for situations where large supply air quantities and throw distances are required. The Jet Diffuser has two separate modes. Firstly there is diffuse mode where the supply air is spread and diffused into the room over a relatively short distance. The second mode is Jet Mode that throws a high velocity jet of air over a long distance. Switching between the two modes is achieved by rotating the cone set through 180˚. Jet Diffusers can be mounted directly into the end of a circular duct or can be mounted into a plenum box,

Features :

  Aluminium, light weight construction

  High air handling capacity.

  Long distance throw at high outlet velocities.

  Easy to install and adjust.

Finishes :

RAL 9010 Gloss – (80% Gloss White)
RAL 9010 Matt – (20% Gloss White)
RAL 9006 Matt – (30% Gloss Silver)
*More Finish Available on Request.

Material : Aluminum
Thickness : 1 mm, 1.2mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm