Square Diffuser
Square Diffuser
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Square Diffuser

Model : KSD

Square diffusers are a type of HVAC air diffuser used to distribute air evenly throughout a room or space. They are installed in the ceiling or a wall. They have multiple slots through which the air is discharged, which allows for the air to be directed in a specific pattern. This provides optimal airflow and temperature control.
Square diffusers are made of various material such as aluminum, stainless steel, depending on the application and the environment they will be used in. They come in different sizes and design to match the aesthetic of the building.
Square diffusers are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings, as they are able to handle high air volume and provide good air distribution. They are also easy to install and maintain.
Square diffusers can be attached with opposed blade damper which can be adjusted to control the volume of air flowing through the diffuser. They are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with a high-quality finish that helps protect against corrosion and wear.

Features :

  Uniform Air Flow Distribution.

  Low-profile, sleek design blends in with most ceiling tiles.

  Ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.

  Easy to install and adjust.

Finishes :

RAL 9010 Gloss – (80% Gloss White)
RAL 9010 Matt – (20% Gloss White)
RAL 9006 Matt – (30% Gloss Silver)
*More Finish Available on Request.

Material : Aluminum, Stainless steel.

Thickness :
  T – Flower – 0.9 mm
  Inner core – 0.9 mm
  Outer core – 1 mm or 1.2 mm