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We are KBG AIR.
An Entity of KBG GROUP.

KBG AIR : Distributing Comfort

KBG AIR is a flagship business of the KBG Group. As one of the emerging player in the market, KBG Group has also present in various sectors like Engineering services, Sheetmetal, Electrical and Agricultural sector.
KBG AIR has been dominating various competitors across countries in HVAC segment by Providing comfort and service in Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning industry, from 2021. We are manufacturing high-quality range of Air Distribution Products These products are extensively used across industries and applications including construction, infrastructure, interior, and Air conditioning applications. KBG AIR is widely recognized for its excellence in business and sustainability practices. and providing it for various well known projects.
KBG AIR also engaged in supplying products to various continents across the globe, enabling KBG to access new and state-of-the-art technologies to produce and offer high-value special products to its customers, becoming one of the prominent exporter from INDIA.

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“Our pioneering technologies revolutionize airflow management, catalyzing progress and prosperity while ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency in every environment.”